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To care for the planet and to help our partner companies achieve
sustainable growth, we never stop innovating and developing natural
plant fiber and degradable sanitary, skincare and hair care products

About us

Musk life was founded in April 2018, to make an impact in the world with products, services and work on sustainability. Musk life focuses on production and distribution of eco-friendly sanitary pads and cosmetic products.

Our company main focus is distributing eco-friendly 
sanitary pads and beauty products. In order to give more care to women, Musk life is committed to developing a healthier, safer, more skin-friendly, high-quality products.

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Product Features

No Chemicals

By Using organic and clean products you can eliminate or drastically reduce your exposure to chemicals, which means better skin health.

Natural Ingredients

Nature is the best source of skin-nourishing ingredients. Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are all found in natural, plant-based sources and work synergistically with your skin to keep it looking and feeling radiant.

Gentle on Your Skin

Our Natural ingredients are powerful but gentle on the skin. Using them helps keep your skin balanced and healthy.

Less Allergens

Natural, clean products avoid known allergens to keep your skin from reacting when you use a new product.

Musk Aloe Vera Serum

The answer to your skin issues is our organic serum as it heals sunburns,eczema and acne It has benefits as a toner as well.

Ksh 350

Musk Body Butter

Made from whipping organic Shea butter, aloe Vera gel and glycerine as they are some of the best natural skincare products for your skin.

Ksh 300

Musk Rose Water

Made by steeping rose petals in distilled water, our Rosewater has many benefits to your skin like hydrating, maintaing an even tone etc.

Ksh 300

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